Living Lab Wetland Project Key Staff

All Living Lab partners work with highly trained scientists and educators, including:

Ian Ives shows student how to measure the depth

Ian Ives

Sanctuary Director, Long Pasture Wildlife Sanctuary

Ian has a strong background in local wetland conservation and vernal pool protection and currently leading the Eastern Spadefoot Toad Restoration Project, and has overseen 10 wetland restoration projects and five wetland professional workshops.

Tom Biebighauser

Wildlife Biologist & Wetland Ecologist

Tom has restored over 1,800 wetlands in 22 U.S. states, Canada, and New Zealand. With 34-year career with the U.S. Forest Service, Tom has designed and built wetlands at over 200 schools and universities. Tom is currently the President of Wetland Restoration and Training LLC.

Liz Packard

School Program Coordinator, Long Pasture Wildlife Sanctuary

Liz holds a M.A. in Sustainability and Environmental Management, oversees five part time teacher naturalists and designs and teaches K-12 school curriculum for 21 school programs across Cape Cod.