Judy Record Conservation Fund – Our Projects

The Fund seeks to protect, maintain and improve open space for public enjoyment by bringing private dollars to public assets. 

We facilitate and monitor projects with long-lasting benefits for public enjoyment of open space, and to protect and serve the needs of the environment.

Rock Meadow Master Plan

The Fund provided a grant to the Town of Belmont’s Conservation Commission to engage the Conway School’s Graduate School in Sustainable Landscape Planning & Design, in Easthampton, MA to create a master landscape plan for the Rock Meadow Conservation Area in Belmont. The plan will be completed in July 2018.

Lone Tree Hill

Since its inception, The Judy Record Conservation Fund has supported a variety of projects at Lone Tree Hill, 88 acres of Town of Belmont conservation land on Belmont Hill, including open space planning, ecological management, historic restoration and the installation of kiosks and signage.

JRCF Eric with dog on trail

Exploring Lone Tree Hill

Pine Allee Planting Project at Lone Tree Hill

As part of our ongoing work at Lone Tree Hill Conservation Area, we funded the transplanting of 60 white pine saplings into the 120-year-old cultural landscape feature known as the Pine Allee. On April 26, 2018, volunteers joined staff from Tree Specialists to plant 20 nursery-grown saplings and transplant 40 saplings dug from the neighboring Habitat Education Center and Wildlife Sanctuary. The saplings replaced some of the trees, planted over 100 years ago, that have died or been blown down by storms. This is the second year the Fund has supported the tree planting project in the Pine Allee. 

Magazine Beach Improvements

In 2018, the Fund made a grant to the Magazine Beach Partner’s fundraising effort for improvement at Magazine Beach in Cambridge, including a kayak and canoe launch at the Charles River.

Historic Stone Wall Reconstruction

In 2011, the Fund financed the reconstruction of a stone wall along Concord Avenue and the Lone Tree Hill Conservation Area. The project was completed in early 2012. 

Historic stone wall reconstruction 2011 © Dix Campbell

Historic stone wall reconstruction in 2011 © Dix Campbell

Smith Point Land Survey

In 2016, the Fund provided a grant to the Waltham Land Trust to identify the boundaries of their property at Smith Point on Hardy Pond resulting in a new survey map.

Weeks Meadow

In 2010, the Fund assisted Mass Audubon in purchasing 2.59 acres of meadow habitat from the Weeks family that was added to the Habitat Education Center and Wildlife Sanctuary.

Weeks Meadow

Weeks Meadow

Belmont Hill Club 

In 2006, the Fund assisted Mass Audubon in purchasing 1.25 acres of forest and meadow land from the Belmont Hill Club.

Belmont Hill Club land purchased through a JRCF grant

Belmont Hill Club land purchased with support of the Fund