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Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary

Deer buck at sunrise in fog © Mark Gilbert
White-tailed Deer buck © Mark Gilbert

Whether you’ve chanced across a hummingbird dipping their tail feathers or caught a glimpse of a Monarch fluttering by, we’ve all had those animal encounters on the Island that make us stop and ponder what else lives on this mystical island aside from ourselves.

Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary

LIT Rachel Kingsley
Rachel Kingsley

This summer, the sanctuary hosted a special crop of returning camp counselors, Leaders-in-Training, interns, and volunteers. We asked a few of them what makes them tick, why they come to Felix Neck, and what they hope to accomplish, and their answers inspired us.

Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary

Horseshoe crab in hands

Summer 2018 was an incredible season for the monitoring of our local shorebird, Osprey, and horseshoe crab populations—both in the numbers of these animals recorded as well as in the turnout of dedicated and eager volunteers who led the charge.