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Jacob Gurney was an intern during summer 2021 at Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary

Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary

After receiving a 2021 Martha's Vineyard Vision Fellowship, Jacob Gurney decided to spend his summer working at Felix Neck. "It's a place that I have loved since I was a kid and camper, and it represents what I care deeply about on this island."

Preschooler watching a fuzzy caterpillar on a leaf at Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary

Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary

For four months of the year, one of our volunteers birds at the sanctuary daily in a practice called patch birding. This idea resonates with me—going deeply into a place, knowing it, appreciating it, and caring for it.

Piping Plover searching a beach with children playing the background

Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary

Every year during the summer breeding season, Mass Audubon's Coastal Waterbird Program (CWP) conducts shorebird nest monitoring field studies on both Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket. Here's a look at the 2021 season results from both locations.

CWP Intern Amelia Leonard (center) with other members of Felix Neck's 2021 CWP team

Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary

Amelia Leonard spent this summer as a Coastal Waterbird Intern at Felix Neck, helping to collect data on endangered shorebirds. We recently spoke to her about the experience and what she learned.

Cover of "A World on the Wing" by Scott Weidensaul © W. W. Norton & Company

Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary

Bird migration is a miracle, and the more we learn about it, the more miraculous it becomes. That is the central lesson of Scott Weidensaul's astonishing new book, A World on the Wing, which should be required reading for everyone who loves birds.

Preschoolers examining a tree cavity in late fall at Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary

Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary

As we come to the end of 2020 and send our teachers off for a much-needed holiday break, we reflect on the amazing courage, adaptability, and commitment of our Fern & Feather Preschool staff, students, and families since the program first opened its doors 15 months ago.

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