Volunteer spotlight: Rae Manson Carter

Rae Manson Carter, volunteer at Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary

Rae Manson Carter is emphatic about her affection for the Sanctuary, “Felix Neck is a gem on this island.” She continues with this advice, “Take advantage of what it has to offer, volunteer to support their efforts and most importantly, share the love of nature with a child!”

For more than 15 years, Rae Manson Carter has been an integral part of the Felix Neck community. During this time, Rae has volunteered in many activities of the sanctuary. She can always be counted on for just about anything from assisting staff with kayak tours on Sengekontacket Pond to volunteering on the “Skipper” during our Marine Discovery tours of the Vineyard Sound. There is no better ‘first mate’ than Rae. Rae also volunteers annually for Fall Festival, and most recently, served as Chair of the Fern and Feather at 50 Committee that developed and implemented the Camp’s year-long 50th anniversary celebrations.

When asked about her time volunteering at Felix Neck, Rae explains, “I volunteer at Felix Neck because I believe strongly in their goals of protecting the environment and instilling a lifelong love of nature and the outdoors in children. Being in nature and observing the sights and sounds provides a sense of calm and wonder.  It is one of the most valuable gifts you can give a child. When my daughter was young, we enjoyed countless hours at Felix Neck. Today, as an adult, she continues to enjoy nature and the outdoors, and finds it “a calming antidote to a hectic adult life.”

We have many volunteers like Rae with long ties to Felix Neck. Whether their children have attended our camp, or sometimes even themselves; their fondness for the sanctuary is boundless. Generation after generation of families return to Felix Neck for the beauty, solitude and countless memories it provides.

We all know that volunteering is a way to give back to the community, but we often overlook what we receive back in turn.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed every volunteer experience at Felix Neck. It is a pleasure to work with people, who share a love of nature; who become almost giddy viewing the owl cam!  Also, I always learn something new just being around such knowledgeable people.  When I reflect on my years of volunteering at Felix Neck, I smile, remembering the bone chilling days of the Fall Festival, catching baby sharks on the Marine Discovery Tours and sharing in the pure joy of children enjoying nature.”

Rae Manson Carter has not forgotten what she has received from her time at Felix Neck and neither have we.

Thank you Rae!