Marissa Quist

Felix Neck is grateful for all the volunteers that help out at the wildlife sanctuary. For this Volunteer Spotlight, we spoke with Marissa Quist about her volunteer experience so far.

Felix Neck volunteer Marissa Quist
Felix Neck volunteer Marissa Quist

This past spring, Felix Neck gained a valuable contributor to our already impressive team of volunteers. Drawn by the mission of Mass Audubon and her passion for environmental work, Marissa Quist brought with her substantial expertise. Between spending her time at the Felix Neck and working at the Thimble Farm Hub, Marissa quickly made a positive influence on our Island community.

With a master’s degree in Aquaculture and previous work experience as an aquarist at the New England Aquarium, it came as no surprise that Marissa quickly took to the care and maintenance of our animal exhibits. After upgrading our spotted turtle’s tank with all-natural materials, Marissa took over the weekly monitoring of our Marine Life Tank, ensuring that the temperature, salinity, and nitrogen levels are suitable for the more than twenty local species that call the saltwater tank home.

“My favorite part has been getting to search the grounds for animals and plants to put in the aquariums," said Marissa. "Creating a realistic habitat for the animals on display makes them more interesting and keeps them happier so that they can better serve as an educational tool for the public.”

From gardening to grounds work to helping with educational programming, Marissa’s work has contributed to all aspects of the sanctuary’s operations. The Felix Neck team is incredibly grateful for the energy, attitude and knowledge Marissa brings to the sanctuary and looks forward to her continued work with Mass Audubon!