Dave Schwoch

Felix Neck is grateful for all the volunteers that help out at the wildlife sanctuary. For this Volunteer Spotlight, we spoke with Dave Schwoch about his experiences at the sanctuary.

Volunteer Dave Schwoch

For many years, we only knew of Dave Schwoch through conversations with his wife, Susie Schwoch. He was the “behind the scenes” guy, assisting Susie with her many Felix Neck projects and programs, but rarely coming to the sanctuary himself. Recently, he has become more of a presence and we couldn’t be happier! And it sounds like the feeling is mutual.

Dave always helped transport some of their beloved animals to visit the residents at Windemere. The animals were just as important as the program itself, because each month the residents looked forward to the critters we might be bringing. He recalls having to load up their pet pig, Wendy, in and out of the car for a farm-themed visit one month.

Another fond memory was when Susie, so enthusiastically, wanted to find an animal that would be perfect for a Halloween visit. She decided on a rat, who to their surprise ended up being pregnant. A memorable program indeed and one that provided a legacy of pet rats for the Schwochs.

Last year, Susie passed away, and Dave decided that he would honor her memory by helping out at Felix Neck's Fall Festival—an event Susie wouldn’t miss for the world. Dave helped festival attendees on and off the hay ride and enjoyed being a part of the annual event.

Dave has always been a fan of spending time in nature and recalls starting to get into birding after being inspired by an article on the Heath Hen. He also cares for 33 furry, feathery, bristly, scaly “children” of his own. Dave stops by more frequently these days, where we enjoy catching up, remembering Susie, and sharing the sanctuary with him.