An Interview with Volunteer Lee Domont

New to volunteering at Felix Neck, but no stranger to the sanctuary, Lee Domont shares some observations about her first year as a volunteer shorebird monitor. 

Josey Kirkland (JK):  Why did you choose to volunteer at Felix Neck?

Lee Domont (LD):  For ten years I have lived on the Edgartown side of Sengekontacket and have great views of Haystack Island and the barrier beach.  Last summer, Sanctuary Director Suzan Bellincampi and I talked about the washover and loss of the tern colony nests on Haystack Island.  She asked if I would like to volunteer the following spring as a shorebird monitor and I immediately said yes! 

JK:  How long have you been a volunteer?

LD:  This past May I was given a yellow field notebook and information on nesting shorebirds.  I look forward to continuing this project next year.

JK:  Tell us about a “day in the life” of a volunteer shorebird monitor?

LD:  Daily from sun up to sun down I would record my observations of birds on Haystack Island and weekly reports of Sarson’s Island.  Initially, I thought only common terns nested here.  It was a thrill to discover a pair of oystercatchers nesting for the first time on Haystack Island.  Unfortunately, they abandoned their nest as well as some terns due to the major storms and high tides of June. 

JK:  What has been your favorite part about your work as a volunteer shorebird monitor at Felix Neck?

LD:  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed learning about bird behavior.  It doesn’t seem like work when you are doing what you love.  The best part about volunteering at Felix Neck is the opportunity to follow my passion of discovering the wonders of nature.

JK:  Anything else you would like to share about yourself, nature, etc?

LD:  Felix Neck has been a vital part of my life for over 40 years.  I remember when it began with Gus Ben David as director and the early fundraising walk-a-thon “Foot It For Felix.”  My children attended Fern and Feather Camp and off season we explored frequently.  Now, Suzan Bellincampi is Director, and I bring my grandchildren.  Just a few weeks ago we were delighted to see a small spotted fawn run right by us on the path at Felix Neck!

A big thank you to Lee for her involvement in our shorebird monitoring and her support of Felix Neck!