Trails at Daniel Webster

Meadow Trail in summer at Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary

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There are more than 3 miles of trails through red maple swamp and open grasslands. Boardwalks, viewing platforms, and two observation blinds bring you close to wildlife.

Note: Boardwalks can be slippery when wet.

Fox Hill Trail

Length: 1.4 miles round trip
Details: This long, straight trail is the most direct route out to the Fox Hill overlook, with several side trails along the way if you’d like to explore further. Passing by one wildlife observation blind and several side trails you will walk the length of the property to a panoramic view from the Fox Hill Observation Platform. Northern harrier are often seen over hunting over the marsh. Check the osprey platform to the east to see if they have returned from their southern winter homes.
Difficulty: Level walking on a grassy trail, slight incline to Fox Hill.

Pond Loop 

Length: 0.4 miles
Details: This trail will take you past the purple martin colony to a second wildlife observation blind. Watch for ducks on Webster Pond to your right and enter the blind to see if you can spot the elusive Wilson’s snipe that feeds along the wet edges of this shallow pond. Travel through shrubland and red maple swamp, then across the field to rejoin the Fox Hill Trail.
Difficulty: Level walking on a grassy trail, watch for chipmunk holes in the trail.

The Secret Trail

Length: 0.6 miles
Details: The Secret Trail winds through red maple swamp to an unexpected open field hidden by trees, a great place to spot white-tailed deer and wild turkeys. Watch for owls and other birds of prey in winter. From the boardwalk, you’ll come upon a wet meadow and, if you continue on, a short loop trail circling an oak hummock. Sit on the bench at the edge of the meadow to listen for American woodcocks flying overhead in early spring or search the oaks for migrating warblers. The shrubs just before you join the Fox Hill Trail are a good place to find cedar waxwings.
Difficulty: Level walking, mostly on boardwalks.

River Walk

Length: 0.5 miles
Details: The River Loop features two bridge crossings over the Green Harbor River. You’ll pass through red maple forest with its twisted branches and open grasslands before rejoining the Fox Hill Trail. Watch for dragonflies from the bridges and praying mantis in the grasses during the late summer. The shrubby thickets are good places to find fall sparrows feeding.
Difficulty: Level walking, mostly on boardwalks.

Piggery Loop 

Length: 0.1 miles
Details: This short loop off of the Fox Hill Trail takes you through an old apple orchard. Where once you could see pigs feeding, it is now a site for flycatchers, American goldfinch, and eastern bluebirds. 
Difficulty: Easy, level grassy trail.