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Keila Silva standing at a podium

Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary

Growing up, I would constantly see Latino communities on the news being bombarded with disaster after disaster. It hurt me to see my community suffering, and I wanted to help them in some way. This sent me down the long and challenging path of environmental justice.  

Summer Sorensen - headshot looking at camera

Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary

Youth is our future; this is why it’s important to take action. Action comes in many forms like working on composting projects, joining environmental programs, and so much more. 

John Green holding a pair of binoculars

Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary

John Green is a very well-known and respected naturalist with a specialty of birding by ear who has worked throughout the Connecticut River Valley since the 1970s. For decades, John has been inspiring Connecticut River Valley program participants with his knowledge of the natural world, birding expertise, and beautiful photography.

Derek Allard is a birder and Bird-a-thon fundraiser

Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary

"Mass Audubon’s work is wonderful and much needed, especially in the age of climate change and ever-rising population. How can you not want to take on this fight?"

Trevor Chalmers is the Property Manager at Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary

Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary

If you've ever enjoyed a walk on Arcadia's trails, parked in our plowed lot in winter, or admired the sanctuary's energy-efficient upgrades, then you've benefited from the work of Trevor Chalmers.

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