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Wildwood campers gather in the amphitheater for an evening program of song and dance

Wildwood Needs Your Support 

These are challenging times for Wildwood and for Mass Audubon, due to the COVID-19 crisis and the need to close Wildwood for the summer of 2020. Please consider donating to the Wildwood General Fund to help us through this difficult time so we can see all our wonderful campers again next summer in 2021.

Support Your Camp

Wildwood is a place where kids venture into the great outdoors, track animals, build shelters, plant seeds, read maps, swim, kayak and hike. In other words, it's where kids go to have fun! While sharing good times outside, Wildwood campers build community and learn that they have the power to make a difference.

Whether you donate to the Wildwood General Fund, the Kids to Camp Scholarship Fund, the Wooden Tent Campaign, or the Camp Enrichment Program, YOU can make a difference, too.

We are grateful for all donations, including items purchased from our Amazon Wish List. Thank you for your support!

Campers playing the circle game outside

Camp Scholarship Fund

All kids deserve a chance to explore the outdoors

Each year, over 600 children get outside and explore nature at Wildwood. For many, this is the start of a lifelong love of the natural world.

Our camp scholarship fund helps defray program fees for children whose families cannot afford camp. 

In 2017, we offered over $60,000 in camp scholarships, including significant support to Hubbard Pond Campers. These campers—who came to camp for the first time—are young people from cities in Massachusetts who are referred to Wildwood via social service agencies.

You can make it possible for a child to come to camp. Please support our camp scholarship fund, so that everyone who wants to come to camp may do so.

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Wooden Tents in Fossey Unit

Wooden Tent Campaign

We’re bringing the outdoors in!

In the spirit of Wildwood, the Wooden Tents are simple in design, without electricity or running water. Every element enhances our campers’ connection to nature.

Large screened openings on all four corners make the tents feel light and airy. Barn doors at the back open wide onto a spacious wooden deck. The center section of the roof is translucent fiberglass for letting in sunlight, and viewing the nighttime sky. All of these details create a sensory connection to the outdoors. 

Campers have enjoyed two summers in the Fossey Wooden Tents. Next up is Wooden Tents for the Thoreau Unit. Please help us complete this project by making a gift today!

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Campers doing archery at Wildwood

Camp Enrichment Program

Equipment for programs enriches the Wildwood experience for all

Every year we purchase new equipment and supplies so that campers can have a safe and fun camp experience. Some years we buy life jackets, canoe paddles, and ponding nets. Other years we purchase field guides, bows and arrows, and gear for the ropes course.

Please support the Camp Enrichment Program, and enhance the camp experience for everyone! 

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Have questions? Want more information?

Please contact Camp Director Becky Gilles at 603-899-5589 x3701 or by email. Thank you!