Teen Adventure Trip Information

Please read the general camp information as well as the information below. Each Teen Adventure Trip, led by two well-qualified staff over the age of 20, is generally limited to eight campers.

Service Project | Trip Plans, Tents & Hygiene | Transportation & Luggage | Camp Store & Money |
Meals & Snacks | Mail & Phone Calls | Health Care

Service Projects

During some trips, campers will participate in an environmental service project focused on a habitat explored during their trip. Campers will make a positive contribution to a natural area they use and gain knowledge needed to identify environmental issues, as well as some skills needed to correct them.

Past service projects have included:

  • a trail clean-up
  • removing invasive plants
  • preparing enclosures for rescued wildlife
  • seining fish for an ongoing scientific study

We are happy to document volunteer service hours as requested. You may bring forms with you to camp, or contact the Wildwood office after camp; please give us a week or two to generate the documentation and return it to you.

Trip Plans, Tents & Hygiene

Camper families will receive detailed itineraries by e-mail several weeks before their trips. If you have questions before you receive the itinerary, please contact us. Trip participants generally spend their first and last nights at Wildwood.

During the trip, campers can expect to stay at state or national parks, public and private campgrounds, and Mass Audubon Wildlife Sanctuaries. Wildwood’s one-week trips stay at the same campsite for one or more nights and go on day hikes and field trips from the campsite. Some one-week trips include a backpacking or paddling overnight, and this will be listed on the itinerary. Longer trips may include campers traveling under their own power, hiking or paddling from one campsite to the next.

During each trip, campers will share a camping tent with other same-gender campers. Most campsite locations have toilet facilities; when they do not, campers will have the opportunity to learn to dig and use a “cat hole” as recommended by Leave No Trace wilderness ethics.

Shower facilities are available before the group leaves Wildwood and immediately after the trip returns to Wildwood, and they may be available during some trips.

Transportation & Luggage

Campers will be transported in passenger vans, driven by qualified staff members age 20 or older. Seat belts must be worn at all times. Campers may not bring personal vehicles to camp or use them for transportation during trips.

Luggage space is limited. Each camper is asked to bring no more than one soft-sided carry-on sized bag and a sleeping bag in a stuff sack.

Campers may also bring small bags or backpacks to hold on their laps or put at their feet while traveling.

Camp Store & Money

All admission fees, programs, and food are included in the cost of the trip. However, campers may have the opportunity to purchase postcards or souvenirs on their trip. We suggest bringing a small amount of money for these incidental items. (Please do not bring a large amount of money or very valuable or irreplaceable items.) Teen trip participants will have the opportunity to purchase items in the camp store on Check-In and Check-Out days; store accounts are not necessary.

Meals & Snacks

Throughout the trip, nourishing food that is simple and easy to prepare is cooked on a camp stove or over a campfire.

Breakfast may include hot or cold cereal, bagels and cream cheese, egg burritos, pancakes, fruit, juice, or hot cocoa.

Lunch is generally prepared and packed in the morning and may include items like sandwiches, pita pockets, cheese and crackers, fruit, or vegetables and hummus. Dinner is generally a hot meal and may include soup, pasta, tacos, burritos, baked potatoes, or pizza.

Dinner is generally a hot meal and may include soup, pasta, tacos, burritos, baked potatoes, or pizza.

Campers participate fully in preparation, cooking, and clean up. Some fresh foods can be purchased during the trip; perishable items are stored in a cooler. Snacks will be offered as needed.

Special Diets & Food Allergies

Vegetarians/vegans can be accommodated. Please thoroughly explain any special food needs on the camp health form.

Contact the Wildwood Director at least 4 weeks prior to your camper’s trip to discuss food needs, or if your camper will need to bring any food. If a trip participant will need special foods for a medical reason, please bring those foods with you to camp inside a sealable container. Ensure that any food brought to camp is free of peanuts or tree nuts, or traces of these.

Mail & Phone Calls

Campers do not generally make or receive phone calls while they are on trips. Trip leaders carry cellular phones and check in with Wildwood regularly. In case of an emergency, please contact Wildwood.

Please do not send a cellular phone with your camper. Trip participants generally don’t receive mail or e-mail.

Health Care

Trip leaders have Wilderness First Aid, CPR, and other appropriate certifications.

Campers will be screened by the camp nurse before leaving on a trip; the Camp Nurse will brief the trip leaders regarding campers’ medical needs.


Any medications must be given to trip leaders at check-in and will be kept and administered by the trip leaders. Campers may carry their own asthma inhalers or epinephrine auto-injectors when the prescriber’s permission is given on the Record of Physical Exam and Health Care Provider Recommendations.

Communication with Parent/Guardian

The Wildwood Director or Camp Nurse will contact a parent/guardian if a camper requires emergency health care. If a camper needs to leave the trip early for medical reasons, Wildwood staff will assist the camper’s parent/guardian in arranging transportation.