Camper Behavior Agreement

Wildwood is a safe, caring community where individual differences are valued, where people are supported in reaching their goals and accomplishing challenges, and where everyone can have fun. Because creating such a community requires the commitment of all participants, we ask everyone to agree to the behavior expectations listed below. Campers and parents/guardians should review and discuss these guidelines together.

I Will Show Respect For Others 

  • I will respect other people’s ideas and values, even if they are different from my own.
  • All of my actions and language will have a positive impact on others in the Wildwood community.
  • I understand that any behavior that could harm (physically or emotionally) a camper or staff member, or which is disrespectful, is unacceptable in the Wildwood community. 

I Will Show Respect For Myself 

  • I will take care of myself by getting plenty of sleep, by eating well, and by maintaining my personal health (by showering and changing into clean clothes regularly, brushing my teeth, washing my hands often, using sunscreen & insect repellant when needed, checking myself for ticks, telling an adult if I am hurt or unwell, etc.)
  • I will make the most of learning opportunities at Wildwood by participating fully in camp activities, and I will try new things and have a positive attitude.
  • I will not allow exclusive relationships (like those with friends from home or school) to prevent me from getting to know other people at camp, or from including others in activities.
  • I will stay with a buddy when moving around camp and always ask a counselor before leaving the group. 

I Will Show Respect For The Environment And Camp Facilities 

  • I understand that all community members are expected to share responsibility for keeping personal and community areas neat and clean, and I will help with these tasks.
  • I will not bring my cellular phone, music player, video games, radio, or other electronics to camp, because they detract from enjoyment of and interaction with others and with the natural world.
  • I will be sensitive to the environment. I will practice “Leave No Trace” ethics and tread lightly on the land.
  • I will pick up litter, stay on trails, and not damage or remove anything from the environment.
  • I will take care of Wildwood’s facilities, program supplies, and equipment. I will put equipment away when I finish using it and will leave an area I use better than I found it.

I Will Show Respect For Everyone's Health And Safety 

  • I understand that the possession and use of tobacco, alcohol, or illegal drugs is prohibited. I will not have/use these at camp.
  • I understand that fireworks, firearms, pocket knives, and other weapons are not allowed. I will not bring these to camp.
  • I will abide by all safety standards explained by the staff.
  • I understand that ALL campers must be in their living units/sleeping areas from lights out until activities begin the following morning, unless under the direct supervision of camp staff. I will stay in my living unit/sleeping area at night.
  • I understand that physical and emotional bullying or violence will result in my immediate dismissal from camp. If I am dismissed from camp, my tuition is forfeited, and my parent/guardian is responsible for picking me up immediately. My behavior at camp will not include violence or bullying. 

If a camper has difficulty following Wildwood’s behavior expectations, Wildwood staff will:

  • remind the camper of expected behavior
  • review the Behavior Agreement above
  • discuss ways staff members can support the camper in making necessary behavior improvements

If a pattern of inappropriate behavior continues, Wildwood staff will work with the camper to set specific, appropriate behavior goals and outline consequences for continued inappropriate behavior. Wildwood staff may ask parents/guardians for suggestions to help improve behavior or create a written behavior contract. 

Continued inappropriate behavior or severely inappropriate behavior (such as physical or emotional violence, bullying, or possession of prohibited items) will result in immediate dismissal from camp and forfeiture of camp fees. The parent/guardian is responsible for picking up a dismissed camper immediately.

We ask both the camper and the parent/guardian to sign the Behavior Agreement section in the camp forms to confirm that you have read this document together and acknowledge and accept the responsibility to meet these behavior expectations.