Meals, Snacks, Food Allergies & Special Diets

Campers eating in the dining hall at Mass Audubon Wildwood camp

Wildwood’s kitchen, managed by a contracted foodservice company, prepares three nutritious and tasty meals each day and offers a variety of choices at each meal.

To protect all our campers and staff, it is vital that campers without special medical needs refrain from bringing food, candy, or drinks to camp. Please do not hide food or candy in your camper’s luggage or care packages. If you think your camper is hungry, please call us instead!

Food Allergies & Special Diets

Wildwood strives to maintain the safest possible dining facility. We do not use peanut or tree nut products, and non-dairy alternatives are available. Because each camper’s needs are different, we ask that you thoroughly explain special food needs on the camp forms, and that you discuss those needs with the Wildwood Director prior to your camper’s session.

If a camper has an anaphylactic allergy:

Please include a copy of your camper's allergy action plan, signed by the prescribing physician, with the camper health history. 

If your camper will need special additional foods for a medical reason:

Bring those foods to camp in their original packaging, inside a sealable container labeled with your camper’s name. We will store these foods in the Dining Hall or Health Center, not in your camper’s living unit.

Please ensure that any food brought to camp is free of peanuts or tree nuts, or traces of these.