Lodging For Wildwood Campers

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Living Units

campers at Mass Audubon Wildwood Camp

Housing at Wildwood is simple and rustic. The youngest campers live in cabins with electricity. Older campers live in screened platform tents without electricity. Each cabin or tent generally houses 4-7 campers and 1 counselor. Each living unit, supervised by a unit leader, contains 2-4 cabins or tents for campers.

Sleeping Accommodations

Campers sleep in bunk beds. Every bed has a foam mattress, and top bunks have bed rails. Please send a fitted sheet to cover the mattress, an extra sheet or light blanket for warm nights, and a warm sleeping bag for cooler nights.


Each living unit has portable toilets (primarily for night and early morning visits) and a hand-washing station located just a few steps away. The central shower house has composting toilets, sinks, and individual shower stalls with private dressing areas, and it’s located near the playing field, Health Center, and office. Showers are scheduled for each unit several times a week. (There are also flushing toilets near the dining hall.)

Housing Assignments

Housing Requests

Overnight Camp, LITs, and Trips

For overnight camp, we are almost always able to honor a request for campers who are the same gender and near the same age to be assigned to the same cabin or tent. Both campers should request one another in the camp forms. When it’s not possible for us to put campers together in the same tent or cabin, we’re almost always able to put campers in the same living unit. Friends who are several years apart in age or of different genders will have opportunities to be together during OATs, lunch, and during many camp activities.

We encourage campers and parents to remember that making new friends, as well as spending time with old friends, is an important part of the Wildwood experience, and that exclusive relationships can detract from everyone’s enjoyment of camp.

Family Camp

Family Camp groups may request to be housed near one another or may request a particular type of housing (cabin, yurt, or platform tent) if available when they register.