Unit Life & Lodging

Each unit is a group of similarly aged campers of the same gender that forms the primary community for campers at Wildwood. Campers and counselors live, learn, and play together in this shared space.

Counselors act as role models for campers in how to live as part of a larger community of peers. Units feature housing for up to 24 campers and 5 staff members and include a fire ring for campfires, toilets and a washing station, and picnic tables and benches for group activities.


Grade after camp



8–10 yrs Grade 3–5 Leopold
11–12 yrs Grade 6–7 Thoreau
 Platform Tents
 Wooden Tents
13–14 yrs Grade 8–9 Abbey
 Platform Tent
 Platform Tent

Carson cabins at Wildwood camp


Carson and Leopold campers live in rustic cabins at Wildwood. These cabins house up to six campers and one staff member on wooden bunk beds.

The cabins offer an easy adjustment to overnight camp life. Each cabin is wired for electricity and features an overhead light and solid screen doors.

Platform Tents

A tent at Mass Audubon Wildwood Camp

Thoreau, Abbey, and Dillard campers live in canvas tents set up on a solid wood platform. Like the cabins, these tents house up to six campers and one staff member. Tents do not have electricity, which is the perfect setting for campers to connect more closely to the natural world.

The adaptability of the tents allows campers to roll up the sides on a hot day to enjoy a cool breeze or to close the front and rear flaps during a summer shower.



The Yurts are used by Wildwood Warbler, Environmental Leadership Program, and Family Camp participants. The Yurts are large circular structures with canvas sides and wooden floors. They feature a beautiful clear dome at the top which can be opened or closed to regulate temperature. Yurts can sleep 6–8 campers along with a staff member.

There are four yurts in the Goodall unit allowing for a wonderful communal space for our campers and families.

Wooden Tents

Fossey Unit Wooden Tent

New! Fossey Unit Wooden Tents
In the spirit of Wildwood, the new "wooden tents" are simple in design, without electricity or running water. Every element enhances our campers’ connection to nature. Large screened openings on all four corners make the tents feel light and airy. Barn doors at the back open wide onto a spacious wooden deck. The center section of the roof is translucent fiberglass to let in sunlight and view the nighttime sky. All of these details create a sensory connection to the outdoors.

To learn more about the wooden tents, please visit our Wooden Tent Campaign page.