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2019 Wildwood Overnight Camp - Campers Dance in a Conga Line
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Wildwood is a special place where campers come together to discover and explore nature. 

Located in southern New Hampshire, Wildwood is a one-of-a-kind camp for youth ages 7–17. 

Our campers roast s’mores over open fires, sleep under the stars, sing silly songs, paddle around Hubbard Pond, and fall in love with nature each day. Campers have fun as they explore the outdoors, make friends, and develop self-confidence and leadership skills that last a lifetime.

Wildwood is a supportive environment in which each camper is valued and respected. With the support of the Wildwood community, campers have opportunities to grow, make new friends, and choose from a variety of fun activities that allow them to explore the outdoors.

2023 Overnight Camp Session Dates

Overnight campers who stay at camp for more than one consecutive session may choose to remain at camp between sessions (two nights: Friday & Saturday). Please note: Beginning in 2023, overnight camp sessions will be concluding on Friday night (rather than Saturday) to ensure that our staff has time to prepare the camp for each new session.

Session 1: June 25–30 (one week)

Session 2: July 2–14 (two weeks)

Session 3: July 16–21 (one week)

Session 4: July 23–August 4 (two weeks)

Session 5: August 6–11 (one week)

Wildwood Warbler: July 16–19 

Nature Escape: June 25–30

Specialty Overnight Camp Sessions

Wildwood Warbler

For ages 7–8

Wildwood Warbler is a four-day, three-night overnight camp program providing younger campers (ages 7–8) with outdoor experiences and challenges appropriate for their age level.

Warbler campers participate in a wide variety of outdoor activities with their own counselors and bunkmates. They join older campers for Discovery Groups and Open Activity Times, and the entire camp community for Evening Programs and meals.

Warblers sleep in the yurts and are supervised by experienced staff who are enthusiastic, dedicated, and committed to helping children grow and become comfortable in the outdoors. Small group sizes create a safe environment that is rich in individual guidance and personal attention. 

NEW! Nature Escape

For ages 13–15

For teens who are passionate about camp and the outdoors, this one-week camp is a combination of what you love about overnight camp, adventure sports, and nature exploration. During the week, campers will hike, paddle, climb, and zip their way through New Hampshire’s Monadnock region in a series of day trips and in-camp activities. Along the way, campers will meet with naturalists to learn first-hand about natural science and environmental stewardship. Culminating in an overnight camping trip, Nature Escape is a great pre-introduction to Teen Adventure Trips.

Overnight Camp Activities

Campers choose daily from a wide selection of fun and engaging camp activities.

  • Dive deeper and discover the intriguing world of our native wildlife with hands-on Nature Exploration groups.
  • Learn how to be a Nature Hero who protects wildlife, reduces waste, and speaks up for nature with other like-minded campers.
  • Form a tightly knit group with fellow campers and have fun during special unit activities.
  • Kayak, canoe, stand-up paddleboard, and sail to explore the incredibly diverse habitats of Hubbard Pond.
  • Share stories, sing goofy camp songs, and perform entertaining skits—Be silly! Be yourself! 

Special Events

One-week sessions are usually in for a surprise! Special events could be anything from Halloween in July to a tropical beach party. Before campers arrive at Wildwood, families will receive an email letting them know if they need to pack anything for a special event. 

Overnight Camping Trips

Campers that stay for a two-week session get the added adventure of an overnight campout. Carson and Leopold units (ages 8–10) will hike or paddle to First Point (a campsite on the Wildwood property) for two nights of camping, while the older units go to nearby campgrounds. Overnights allow campers to experience and learn new things like setting up tents, tying useful knots, starting campfires, camp cooking, and more.

What Can You Expect at Camp?

2019 Wildwood Overnight Camper holds up a craft project


Wildwood is all about choice and exploration. Our daily schedule is built around activity periods that feature a variety of programs for campers to choose from.

Pre-Breakfast Jaunts (PBJs) give early risers the option to start their day with activities like birding, paddling, and the always popular Polar Bear Swim!

Nature Groups (NGs) empower campers to discover field, forest, and wetland habitats and the intriguing behaviors of birds, insects, mammals, invertebrates, and more through hands-on investigation.

Discovery Groups (DGs) provide campers with a variety of choices: they can opt to dive into more nature discovery investigations, arts and crafts, ropes course challenges, paddling, sailing, improv games, wacky science, and much more.

Open Activity Times (OATs) give campers free time to swim or paddle on Hubbard Pond, join a game of soccer or Gaga at the activity field, or simply relax and meet up with friends.

Evening Programs (EPs) take place after dinner and enrich Wildwood’s offerings with an all-camp or unit-based game or activity, such as night hikes or sunset paddles. A few camp favorites include Predator-Prey, Heffalump Hunt, Capture the Flag, beach parties, and campfires. 


Meals are a time to connect with friends and bunkmates over family-style entrées. Campers are served three well-balanced meals and an afternoon snack each day. Meal examples include eggs, pancakes, sandwiches, turkey dinner, and spaghetti with meatballs, with additional choices at the salad bar.

Our camp is peanut- and tree nut-free! Our kitchen is able to accommodate specific dietary needs including those of campers who follow vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free diets (and more).

Age Groups & Living Units

Wildwood is a supportive environment in which each camper is valued and respected. With the support of the Wildwood community, campers have opportunities to grow, make new friends, and choose from a variety of fun activities that allow them to explore the outdoors at an age-appropriate level.

Camper Age Groups

Boys Unit & Lodging

Girls Unit & Lodging

Ages 8–10 Leopold
Ages 11–12 Thoreau
Platform Tents
Wooden Tents
Ages 13–14 Abbey
Platform Tents
Platform Tents
Ages 7–8 Warbler

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