Green Features at Wildwood

Solar thermal system heats water in the showerhouse at Mass Audubon Wildwood Camp

A solar thermal system heats water for the shower house

At Mass Audubon, we believe in leading by example and are taking steps to reduce our carbon footprint across our network of sanctuaries, including Wildwood.

Conserving Energy

  • Energy and lighting audit completed and recommendations implemented
  • All CFL bulbs have been replaced with LED bulbs
  • All but one refrigerator and freezer have been replaced with EnergyStar models
  • Replaced computer monitors with energy efficient monitors
  • Replaced ice maker with energy-efficient models
  • Air sealed and insulated heated buildings
  • Programmable thermostats
  • All hot water heaters have been replaced with tankless hot water heaters
  • Recycling program and on-site composting

Buying Electricity Generated from Renewable Sources

  • We purchase 100% green electricity from the Green Energy Consumers Alliance (a New England Wind product) for all electricity not produced on site

Generating Renewable Energy

  • Solar thermal system installed to meet shower needs
  • Photovoltaic array (15.84 kW) installed providing electricity for the administration building

Conserving Water

  • Water-saving industrial dishwasher
  • Composting toilets in shower house
  • 9 dual-flush toilets installed