Microsoft Teams – Attending Live Events


You will need an invitation link to join a Teams Live Event as an attendee. Most people receive invitation links either via email correspondence or as posted on the MassAudubon website.

This guide assumes you already have an invitation link, and will be using it to join a meeting anonymously through your browser, which is the recommended setup for most users.


Connecting to Teams as a Guest

Teams on the Web

1. Paste the invitation link into your chosen web browser 

2. If prompted to Open Microsoft Teams?, click Cancel. Then, click Watch on the Web Instead.


3. Select Join Anonymously.


4. You should now have joined the live event as a guest

event screen

Teams on a Mobile Device

To attend your Live Event using a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet, you need to install Microsoft Teams

1. Install the free Microsoft Teams App


2. Copy the link of the session you are ready to join into your mobile browser, then tap Open it under the option marked Already have the app.


3. Tap Join as a guest

as guest

4. Enter your name, then tap Join as a guest

enter name

5. You should now have joined the live event!



Live Event Q&A

Event organizers can enable a Q&A section for Live Events. If this is enabled, you can view featured questions or pose one of your own from the Live event Q&A section, accessible by clicking the button from the left sidebar.


Featured Questions

Event moderators might choose to feature attendee-submitted questions, especially when the questions are relevant to or asked by other attendees.

1. To view featured questions, expand the Live Events Q&A section from the right sidebar, then click Featured.


Have a Question? 

Chances are that another person has that question as well. Consider looking through Featured questions first before asking a question yourself. 

Asking a Question

Questions you ask will not be visible to other attendees until a moderator approves them.

1. Expand the Live event Q&A section from the right sidebar, then click My questions.

my Qs

2. Enter your question in the question field (1), then click the submit your question by clicking the send icon (2). Anonymous users may wish to enter their name into the name field (3). Conversely, if you are not signed in anomalously, you can still submit a question anonymously by clicking the Post as anonymous checkbox (4).

1234 image

3. Your question will now appear in the My questions section. Questions marked as Private are only visible to you and event moderators.

my questions