Eastern Massachusetts Bird Sightings — Friday, January 8, 2021

January 8, 2021

Nantucket: There were 2 Common Gallinules at Miacomet Pond. An Audubon's Warbler continues in the Surfside area in a private yard, and a Northern Waterthrush continues at Lily Pond.

South of Boston: A Eurasian Wigeon continues at Riverside Cemetery in Fairhaven. Four Northern Shovelers were seen at Interchange Park in Fall River. Sightings from Gooseberry Neck in Westport included a Dovekie and 6 Ruddy Turnstones. An unseasonable Wilson's Snipe was seen at Borden Colony Conservation Land in Raynham.

Greater Boston: Some ocean-going ducks were seen in Somerville at Draw Seven State Park, including a White-winged Scoter, 7 Surf Scoters, and 4 Black Scoters. Along the Merrimack River in Lowell, observers reported a Barrow's Goldeneye, an Iceland Gull, and a Glaucous Gull. Three Fox Sparrows continue at Horn Pond in Woburn. There was a Hoary Redpoll at Fitch's Bridge Road in Groton.

North Shore: An observer at Andrew's Point in Rockport found an Ivory Gull, the northernmost-breeding bird in the world and a once-in-a-decade rarity in Massachusetts. Other interesting sightings from the North Shore included a Yellow-breasted Chat at Mass Audubon's Marblehead Neck Wildlife Sanctuary and 2 White-winged Crossbills in Salisbury.

Central & Western MA: Williamstown produced many interesting sightings this week, including a Golden Eagle and a flock of 24 Pine Grosbeaks. A Harlequin Duck continues in Turner's Falls, and a Sage Thrasher continues at Cow Bridge Road in Hadley. At Howden Farm in Sheffield, some notable overwintering sparrows included a White-crowned Sparrow, a Vesper Sparrow, and 2 Savannah Sparrows.

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