Birders Meeting 2021 — Virtual

Mass Audubon Birder's Meeting

Since 1992, birders from around New England have come together every March to attend Mass Audubon's annual Birders Meeting.

With the help of supportive sponsors, we have successfully brought together engaging speakers from around the country, been joined by top-notch vendors, and drawn enthusiastic participants to these full-day events. 

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VIRTUAL 29th Annual Birders Meeting

The Bird Next Door: Birding Your Patch

Online • March 7, 8, 15, & 16 • All events will start at 7:30 pm ET

Scarlet Tanager & Indigo Bunting visiting home birdfeeders © Gail Hansche Godin
© Gail Hansche Godin

Simply put, "patch birding" means focusing your efforts on one local area to develop a deep knowledge of the place and its birds. Your patch can be your yard, your neighborhood, the swamp down the street, your apartment balcony, or any place you visit regularly.

Patch birding is taking off because it helps us focus closely and see birds in a new light. It can also lead to exciting discoveries, from easily-overlooked hotspots to unreported patterns in species migrations and distribution. Patch birding also reinforces the value of parks and greenspaces, and, perhaps most importantly, reduces climate-altering CO2 emissions from travel.

Speakers this year will discuss the value of bird-friendly neighborhoods and yards, native plants and the bird-insect connection, strategies for birding a patch and new ways of looking at familiar subjects, and birding in urban landscapes.

We'll be releasing the full agenda and program topics in mid-February, but expect the speaker lineup to be similar to past years—one or two well-known leaders in their field, and a couple of emerging experts!

Our First Virtual Birders Meeting

This year's event will be a little different from past years. We're inviting birders from Massachusetts and beyond to attend a virtual speaker series that takes place remotely over four nights in March.

Speakers will present on the first two Sundays and Mondays of the month—March 7, March 8, March 15, and March 16. All events will start at 7:30pm ET.

Stay Tuned!

Registration for this year's event will open in mid-February. Check back here to sign up!