Bird-a-thon Teams & Team Captains

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2020 Teams

Team Captain(s)

Arcadia & CT River Valley Sanctuaries

Patti Steinman (email 413-584-3009 x5814)
Carolyn Cushing (email)

Berkshire Wildlife Sanctuaries

Stephanie Bergman (email, 413-637-0320 x8358)
Zach Adams (email)

Blue Hills Trailside Museum

Lauren Gordon (email, 617-333-0690 x5230)
Dan Burton (email)

Boston Nature Center

Julie Brandlen (email, 617-983-8500 x6901)

Broad Meadow Brook Conservation Center

Martha Gach (email, 508-753-6087 x5022)

Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary

Elissa Landre (email, 508-655-2296 x7301)

Coastal Waterbird Program

Kathy Parsons (email, 508-362-7475 x9351)

Drumlin Farm Wildlife Sanctuary

Pam Sowizral (email, 781-259-2205)

Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary

Liz Cosgrove (email, 508-627-4850 x9401)
Suzan Bellincampi (email)

Gordon's Gaggle - General Operating

Henrietta Yelle (email, 781-259-2131)
Emily Sabo (email)

Habitat Education Center

Roger Wrubel (email, 617-489-5050 x7205)

Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary

Amy Weidensaul (email, 978-887-9264 x7701)

Joppa Flats Education Center

David Moon (email, 978-462-9998 x6801
Bill Gette (email)

Long Pasture Wildlife Sanctuary

Ian Ives (email, 508-362-7475 x9350)
Chris Walz (email)

Moose Hill Wildlife Sanctuary

Karen Stein (email, 781-784-5691 x8101)
Vin Zollo (email)

Museum of American Bird Art

Owen Cunningham (email, 781-821-8853 x9103)

Nantucket Wildlife Sanctuaries

Sam Kefferstan (email, 508-228-9208)

Oak Knoll Wildlife Sanctuary

Jen Costa (email, 508-636-2437 x3601)

Science & Bird Conservation*

Margo Servison (email, 781-259-2192)

South Coast Sanctuaries (Allens Pond & Great Neck)

Briana Wingate (email, 508-636-2437)
Gina Purtell (email)
Lauren Miller-Donnolly (email)

South Shore Sanctuaries

Sue MacCallum (email, 781-837-9400 x7901)

Stony Brook Wildlife Sanctuary

Doug Williams (email, 508-528-3140 x7125)

Tidmarsh Wildlife Sanctuary

Lauren Kras (email, 508-927-1200 x 6310)
Lisa Schibley (email)

Wachusett Meadow Wildlife Sanctuary

Cindy Dunn (email, 978-464-2712 x8707)
Alison O'Hare (email)

Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary

Mark Faherty (email, 508-349-2615 x6110)
Peggy Sagan (email)


Becky Gilles (email, 603-899-5589 x3701)

*Includes Bertrand Chair, Bird Conservation, Ecological Extension Service, Ecological Management, & Important Bird Areas