2017 Bird-a-thon Results & Highlights

Bird-a-thon Logo 2017


Thank you to everyone who participated in, fundraised for, and donated to Bird-a-thon 2017.

Together, we raised $230,000 for Mass Audubon’s sanctuaries and programs. Your support enables Mass Audubon to continue to protect the nature of Massachusetts through conservation, education, and advocacy.

2017 Event Highlights

  • Bird-a-thon see its highest fundraising total ever! ($230,000)
  • Over 750 birders participated in the official competition and many more participated on their own or “just for fun”.
  • 2,200 donors supported Bird-a-thon teams and participants.
  • The master species total of 270 was just 1 species away from the highest ever master total.
  • Moose Hill won the Brewster Cup for most species recorded statewide for the first time ever!
  • Joppa Flats won the first ever County Cup for greatest % of county par value.

Bird-a-thon 2017 Winners

Brewster Cup

1st place, species recorded
Moose Hill, 229 species

Hatheway Cup

1st place, team fundraising
Joppa Flats, $39,081

Forbush Award

2nd place, species recorded
Ipswich River, 226 species

$ Cup

2nd place, team fundraising (tied)
Conservation Science & Drumlin Farm, ~$29,500

County Cup

1st Place, % of county par number
Joppa Flats (Essex County), 181/204 species

Statewide Migration Award

Team with greatest % fundraising increase
Broad Meadow Brook, 88% increase ($5,150)

Regional Migration Awards

Teams showing the greatest percentage increase in fundraising dollars in their region from 2016 to 2017, excluding the 2016 Statewide Migration Award. Prize: Regional migration winners receive a pizza or ice cream party for their team.

Greater Boston/North Shore Region

Joppa Flats, 38% increase

Central/West Region

Wildwood, 82% increase

Southeast, Cape, and Islands Region

Long Pasture, 46% increase

Individual Fundraiser Awards 

Statewide winner is individual participant (non-staff) who raised the most money across the state for his/her team. Regional winners are individual participants (non-staff) in each region who raised the most money for their team.

Statewide Top Individual Fundraiser (Non-staff)

Michael Pappone—$7,685 (Conservation Science–IBA)

Winner receives a day of birding with Wayne Petersen OR a signed, framed, and matted 8 x 10 custom digital illustration of his bird of choice by Mass Audubon graphic designer and artist Kristin Foresto.

Regional Top Individual Fundraisers (Non-staff)

Winners receive a $25 Mass Audubon gift card for use in our gift shops or towards programs fees.

Central and West

  1. Anne Lombard (Arcadia), $1,500
  2. Mark Fiandaca (Wachusett Meadow), $875
  3. Nancy Solomon (Moose Hill), $620

Greater Boston and North Shore

  1. Kathy Seymour (Drumlin Farm), $6,000
  2. Bill Gette (Joppa Flats), $5,100
  3. David Weaver (Joppa Flats), $3,775

Southeast, Cape, and Islands

  1. Briggs Team (South Shore), $1,830
  2. Josie Anderson (Wellfleet Bay), $1,470
  3. Lynn Southey (Wellfleet Bay), $1,291

Headquarters and Programs

  1. Joan Walsh (Conservation Science–Bird Conservation), $1,500
  2. Tied—Philip Edmundson (Conservation Science–IBA) & Sandy Sutherland (Coastal Waterbird Program) $1,100

High Flyers (Individuals raising $500+)

High flyers are invited to special birding outings with the president of Mass Audubon and a star staff birder.

Ivan Ace, Kay Andberg, Josie Anderson, Patti Austin, Sally Avery, Susan Baeslack, Michael Baird, Christine Bates, Suzan Bellincampi, Bruce Black and Mary Brogan, Leslie Bostrom, Julie Brandlen, Corinne Brauer, LeBaron Briggs, Jean Bruns, Robert Buchsbaum, Stephen Burke, Dan Burton, Amber Carr, Dick Chute, Becky Cushing, Carol Decker, Pat Donahue, Jonathan Donaldson, Jean Dorcus, Liz Duff, Chris Eaton, Philip Edmundson, Erin Ellingwood, Ryan Evans and Darcy Duke, Mark Faherty, Gail Fenton, Linda Ferraresso, Mark Fiandaca, Karen First, Dan Fournier, Nora Frank, Susan Garland, Bill Gette, Ida Giriunas, Nat Goddard, Janet Golan, Mary Griffin, Jude Griffin, Rita Grossman, Marion Hammond, Melissa Hansen, Susan Hardy, Roberta Hodson, Jessica Huddy, Philip Hunsaker, Lisa Hutchings, Janice Jorgenson, Elissa Landre, Constance Lapite, David Larson, Chris Leahy, Amy Lepak, Kirsten Lindquist, Anne Lombard, David Ludlow, Sue MacCallum, Andy Magee, Robert Mayer, Keelin Miller, David Moon, Karen O'Neill, Patty O'Neill, Mary O'Neill, Michael Pappone, Jackie Pascucci, Fran Perler, Wayne Petersen, Linda Pivacek, Gina Purtell, Amy Quist, Alexander Reath, Mary Richmond, John and Linda Riehl, Peggy Sagan, Marsha Salett, Harold Seigel, Kathy Seymour, Norman Smith, Amy Smith, Nancy Solomon, Lynn Southey, Pam Sowizral, Ava Steenstrup, Karen Stein, Patti Steinman, Sandy Sutherland, Alicia Svenson, Melissa Vokey, Angela Walsh, Joan Walsh, David Weaver, Strickland Wheelock, Christine Whitebread, Doug Williams, Mary Wolf, Tom Worthen, Roger Wrubel, Henrietta Yelle, Julia Yoshida

Young Birder Awards (Individuals under 18 raising $200+)

Winners receive specially selected prizes from the Audubon Shop.

  • Henri Engstrom
  • Michelle Morello

Bird-a-thon 2017 Results


Species (Par Count)

Fundraising Total

% County Par

Arcadia & Connecticut River Valley 139 (139) $5,294 78% of Hampshire County par
Allens Pond 140 $2,945  
Berkshires 150 (128) $2,023 77.1% of Berkshire County par
Blue Hills Trailside Museum 205 $3,260  
Boston Nature Center 145 $8,000  
Broad Meadow Brook
Statewide Migration Award
161 (141) $5,150 76.6% of Worcester Couny par
Broadmoor 170 $3,619  
Conservation Science
$ Cup (tied)
179 $29,623*  
Drumlin Farm
$ Cup (tied)
225 (116) $29,437 64.8% of Middlesex County par
Felix Neck 111 (111) $2,710 67.7% of Dukes County par
Gordon's Gaggle - General Operating 149 $9,826  
Great Neck 47 $1,250  
Habitat 164 $6,350  
Important Bird Areas (IBA) Program 153 (153) *Incl. in Cons. Science 70.8% of Plymouth County par
Ipswich River 226 $20,506  
Joppa Flats
Hatheway Cup & Regional Migration Award
184 (184) $39,081 88.7% of Essex County par
Long Pasture
Regional Migration Award
193 $13,574  
Moose Hill 229 $4,200  
Museum of American Bird Art 169 $1,195  
South Shore 164 (164) $12,641 75.9% of Plymouth County par
Stony Brook 179 $5,500  
Wachusett Meadow 144 (104) $2,888 56.5% of Worcester County par
Wellfleet Bay 213 $15,931  
Wildwood Camp
Regional Migration Award
37 $955