2007 Bird-a-thon Results & Highlights

Despite windy, rainy, and generally soggy Bird-a-thon conditions for the second year in a row, Bird-a-thon 2007 can only be described as successful! Thousands of grounded migrants that arrived mid-week preceding Bird-a-thon were pinned down by the inclement weather, thus giving more than 600 stalwart Bird-a-thoners an opportunity to appreciate spring migration at its best. Because Saturday's weather was warm and the precipitation generally light, there was plenty of bird song to provide practice "birding by ear," along with impressive concentrations of migrants to challenge everyone's visual identification skills.

Drumlin Farm and Ipswich River tied to win the coveted Brewster Cup with total of 233 species, and the Hatheway Cup for most money raised by a sanctuary went to Drumlin Farm with their whopping total of $34,033.55. Preliminary indications are that this year's total income raised of more than $125,000 set a new Bird-a-thon high for this annual classic birding and fundraising event. Kudos to all for their participation and generosity!


Trophy Winners

Brewster Cup For the most species seen: Drumlin Farm and Ipswich River (a tie! at 233 species)

Forbush Award for the second most species seen: Blue Hills (207 species)

Hatheway Cup for the most money raised: Drumlin Farm ($34,033.55)

The $ Cup for the second most money raised: Joppa Flats ($26,112.00)

Statewide Migration Award for the biggest increase in money raised over last year: Oak Knoll (182%)

IBA Regional Award (low carbon footprint award): The IBA Team (84% of par value for the South Shore region)

Final Results by Sanctuary


# of Birders

Species Counted

2007 Estimated Total

Allens Pond 44 161 $3,209.00
Connecticut River Valley Sanctuaries 42 203 $1,281.00
Berkshires 30 187 $3,511.00
Blue Hills 44 207 $5,000.00
Boston Nature Center 38 178 $10,000.00
Broad Meadow Brook IBA 17 121 $4,000.00
Broadmoor 31 181 $2,788.30
Drumlin Farm 50 233 $34,033.55
Drumlin Young Birders IBA 9 106  
Endicott 14 146 $908.00
Felix Neck 6 116 $284.40
Gordon's Gaggle 25 152 $5,000.00
Habitat 11 170 $2,000.00
IBA Team 12 142 $3,100.00
Ipswich River 47 233 $7,000.00
Joppa Flats 47 200 $26,112.00
Long Pasture &
Coastal Waterbird
39 161 $5,107.00
Moose Hill 14 123 $1,410.00
Oak Knoll 12 67 $845.00
South Shore 4 128 $688.00
Stony Brook 9 158 $4,150.00
Stony Brook IBA 19 139  
Wachusett Meadows 17 168 $1,837.00
Wellfleet 49 140 $5,184.80
Wildwood 3 124 $325.00
Total 630 262 $128,558.00

Regional Migration Awards

For sanctuaries/teams showing the greatest percentage increase in fundraising from 2006 to 2007 (the percentage increase is based on the actual results from 2006 and the totals reported on the 2007 BAT Financial Report form). All will receive a Mass Audubon funded pizza or ice cream party for the staff or Bird-a-thon team.

Greater Boston: Joppa Flats (43%)
Central/Western: Wildwood (103%)
Southeast and Islands: Wellfleet (71%)
And an honorable mention to Long Pasture-raising $5,107 the first year out!
Other impressive increases: Gordon's Gaggle (25%)

Top Individual Fundraisers

For team members (non-staff) raising the most money for their team. (Minimum of $250 required)

Statewide Top Individual Fundraiser: The fundraising winner this year is Kathy Clayton of Drumlin Farm's team. She raised $15,033.50 and also contributed to other sanctuary Bird-a-thon efforts as well. Congratulations to Kathy Clayton! She will receive a framed Guatemalan artisanal embroidery from the town of Santiago Atitlan, where the women create and wear huipiles (blouses) embroidered with birds. This piece was generously donated by Mango Tree Artisans of 410 Boston Post Road, Sudbury, a retailer of handcrafted jewelry and gifts with a fair trade focus. The needlework has been float-mounted to a burgundy background with a burgundy-stained ash frame and conservation glass (framing by Powers Gallery).

Top Three Fundraisers by Region 

Each will receive a Mass Audubon Messenger Bag 

Greater Boston
  Julia Yoshida, Ava Steenstrup, Strickland Wheelock
Southeast and Islands
  Ivan Ace, Buddy Perkel, Francis Lebaron, Peter Erskine, Dan Fournier (three birders raised tying amounts)
  Mike Waller, Ann Lombard, Bruce DeGraaf 
  Bob & Marilyn Forbes, Kristin Foresto, Kerri Hoey, Jeff Peters

Young Birders Award

Any birder under the age of 18 raising $200 or more. Will receive a Mass Audubon messenger bag. Honorable mention winners will receive a book.

Dan Fournier, Eric Marriott, Anna Stunkel, James Ossam, Brandon Gordon, William Freedberg, with honorable mention to Jack Tripp, age 5.

Outstanding Species Sightings

The grand total of recorded species was 262, and there were many outstanding rarities including White-faced Ibis, American Avocet, Marbled Godwit, both Common and Thick-billed murre, Clay-colored Sparrow, and Dickcissel.


The total number of participants was up to 630 this year. And over 180 birders that took part in the event were awarded the Team T-shirt - the second annual Bird-a-thon t-shirt for birders who raised at least $75 in sponsor pledges or obtained at least 10 sponsors. Congratulations to all of you who successfully recruited new people and raised money for this important effort.

Other Highlights

Three new teams joined the Bird-a-thon ranks this year - Long Pasture (working together with Coastal Waterbird), Felix Neck, and South Shore.

A Young Birder team emerged from Drumlin Farm, birding under the low-carbon-footprint IBA rules. Also, other young birders joined in around the state, including some as young as five years old. These young birders are the future, and they are to be congratulated on their efforts and their interest in the natural world.

Thank you to everyone who made this year's Bird-a-thon such a success.