2005 Bird-a-thon Results & Highlights

Our annual Bird-a-thon was a great success. The total amount raised statewide: An incredible $96,003—a 17% increase over 2004 totals. Drumlin Farm wins the Triple Crown of Bird-a-thon: Brewster Cup, Hatheway Cup, and Statewide Migration Award. 

Mass Audubon is grateful to all of our participants and everyone who contributed to this year's event. Mass Audubon gratefully acknowledges Swift Optics for its donation of a pair of Swift Ultralight Waterproof Binoculars 929B, which were awarded to the top individual fundraiser. We were proud to present this wonderful award to Ann Gurka whose efforts on behalf of Joppa Flats brought in over $16,000.


Trophy Winners – Congratulations to all!

  • Brewster Cup (most species seen) – Drumlin Farm
  • Forbush Award (2nd place most species seen) – Ipswich River
  • Hatheway Cup (most money raised) – Drumlin Farm
  • The $ Cup (2nd place most money raised) – Joppa Flats
  • Migration Award (Team that has the greatest percentage increase over the previous years fundraising Total) – Drumlin Farm

Final Results by Sanctuary


# Of Birders


Final Estimate

Allens Pond 14 128 $719
Arcadia 39 214 $1,700
Berkshires 39 198 $3,749
Blue Hills 43 212 $6,025
Boston Nature Center 32 147 $3,858
Broad Meadow Brook 24 170 $3,000
Broadmoor 38 171 $2,000
Coastal Water Bird 25 184 $2,400
Drumlin Farm 50 231 $24,053
Endicott 10 132 $2,145
Gordon's Gaggle 22 106 $3,675
Habitat 16 175 $1,147
Ipswich River 50 226 $6,367
Joppa Flats 41 179 $20,889
Moose Hill 16 154 $1,200
South Shore 7 193 $4,000
Stony Brook 20 167 $4,774
Wachusett Meadow 31 176 $684
Wellfleet Bay 50 203 $3,118
Wildwood 13 151 $500
Total 585   $96,003

Migration Awards

For sanctuaries/teams showing the greatest percentage increase in fundraising from 2004 to 2005.

Statewide Migration Award

Drumlin Farm

Regional Migration Awards

  • Greater Boston: Boston Nature Center (19% increase)
  • Central/Western: Berkshires (10% increase)
  • Southeast and Islands: Not applicable

Honorable Mentions

  • Gordon’s Gaggle, the Mass Audubon Headquarters Team finished 63% ahead of last year.
  • Endicott Wildlife Sanctuary, in its first Bird-a-thon year, raised an impressive $2,145.

Top Individual Fundraisers

For the individual team members (non-staff) raising the most money for their team. (Minimum of $250 raised each)

Statewide Top Individual Fundraiser

Ann Gurka for Joppa Flats.

Top 3 Fundraisers by Region

Greater Boston:

  • Kathy Clayton, Drumlin Farm Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Carol Gladstone, Blue Hills/Trailside Museum
  • Peter Duffy, Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary

Southeast and Islands: (only one reported)

  • Danny Fournier, Stony Brook Wildlife Sanctuary

Central West: (none reported)

Young Birders Award

Any birder under the age of 18 raising $200 or more for their team.

  • Caitlin, Fiona, and James McCarey for Drumlin Farm;
  • Danny Fournier for Stony Brook Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Younger Birders Awards – Honorable Mention:
    • Girl Scout Troup #9875 for Boston Nature Center

Outstanding Species Sightings

Top ten bird sightings according to Senior Field Ornithologist Simon Perkins were: white-faced ibis, California gull, ruff, Lapland longspur, American golden-plover, common murre, pomarine jaeger, dickcissel, Kentucky warbler, and short-eared owl

Limited Geographic Area Birding

Several teams birded locally this year, and they still saw an impressive number of species. These teams were:

  • Allens Pond: Bristol County
  • Broad Meadow Brook: Worcester County
  • Endicott: Cape Ann
  • Joppa Flats: Essex County

Thank you to everyone who made this year’s Bird-a-thon such a success.