Bird-a-thon 2022 Results

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Thank you to everyone who participated in this year's Bird-a-thon weekend!

This year hundreds of participants across 13 teams recorded an impressive combined total of 254 bird species in Massachusetts from May 13-14.

Best of all, they collectively raised $305,000 to support Mass Audubon's wildlife sanctuaries, conservation efforts, and education programs across the state!


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You can see photos from this year's spectacular event in the Bird-a-thon 2022 Digital Gallery.

Bird-a-thon 2022 Winners

We're thrilled to announce the winners of the Bird-a-thon 2022 birding and fundraising awards. Congratulations to our winning teams and participants!

→ Team Awards, Cups, & Prizes ←

Brewster Cup

1st place, species recorded statewide
Metro South, 231 species

Forbush Award

2nd place, species recorded statewide
Cape Cod, 213 species

County Cup

1st Place, % of county par number
Wildwood (Middlesex County), 142/146 species (97%)

Sitting Duck Award

Most species recorded while remaining in 25-ft circle
Metro South, 51 species

Hatheway Cup

1st place, $ raised
North Shore, $63,317

Taking Flight Cup

2nd place, $ raised
Cape Cod, $37,000

→ Individual Fundraising Awards & Prizes ←


Individual who raised the most in donations across all teams and participants. Winner receives a pair of Zeiss Outstanding Performance Binoculars.

  • Michael Pappone (Science & Bird Conservation) $14,235

Winged Warriors Badge

→ Winged Warriors ←

Participants who raised $5,000 or more. Winners receive all of the above benefits, plus an invitation for themselves and one guest to a join a VIP Birding Experience with Mass Audubon’s President David O’Neill.

Michael Pappone, Ryan Evans and Darcy Duke, Gina Purtell, Lisa Hutchings

Eagle Eyes Badge

→ Eagle Eyes ←

Participants who raised $2,500 or more. Winners receive the above benefits, plus a signed, framed, and matted 8 x 10 custom digital illustration of your bird of choice by Mass Audubon Design Manager and artist Kristin Foresto.

Dave Weaver, Jean Bruns, Stina MacDougall, Peggy Sagan, Ian Ives, Ken Morton, Justine Hanson, Jan Adams, Victoria Jones, Derek Allard, Wayne Petersen, Suzan Bellincampi, Sam Kefferstan, Nancy Solomon

Mighty Migrants Badge

→ Mighty Migrants ←

Participants who raised $1,000 or more. Winners receive recognition on the Bird-a-thon results page and an invitation to join one of two special group birding outings, led by a member of the Bird Conservation Team. 

Susan Hardy, David Moon, Eric Schultz, Linda Ferraresso, Mike Baird, Karen First, Maura Genova, Tofer Carlson, Carol Decker, Stephen French, Lynn Southey, Josie Anderson, Chris Walz , Lillie Peterson-Wirtanen , Patty Shannon, Sharon MacDonald, Mark Faherty , Christine Shreves, Janet Sisterson, Steve Burke, Kylee Noga, Sam Harris, Julie Brandlen, Joan LeBel, Lindsay Clemens, Susan Ormond, Betsy Townsend, Henrietta Yelle, Brian Keevan, Chris Eaton, Roberta Hodson, Gwen Shipley, Elissa Landre, Leslie Bostrom, Strickland Wheelock, Mike Boss, Patti Steinman, Margo Mercer, Craig Gibson, Sandy Sutherland, Anna Utech, Owen Cunningham, Doug Williams, Jake Woolf

Young Birder Award Badge

→ Young Birder Awards ←

Participants under age 18 who raised $200 or more. Winners receive swag from the Mass Audubon Shop.

Johnny Owens, Rowan Mulder, Gwendolyn Sweigart, Sam Harris, Matthias Bitter, CJ Hansen, Ollie Perrault, Nathan Feinfeld 

Bird-a-thon 2022 Team Results


$ Raised

# Species Recorded

Boston  $22,120 157
Cape Cod 
Forbush Award, Taking Flight Cup
$37,656 213
Central  $26,346 167
Coastal Waterbird Program $3,366 118
Gordon's Gaggle - HQ $16,758 n/a
Islands  $7,580 n/a
Metro South 
Sitting Duck Award
$17,094 231
Sitting Duck: 51
Metro West  $32,930 209
North Shore 
Hatheway Cup
$63,317 204
Essex: 168/185 (90%)
Science & Bird Conservation $26,010 138
South East  $13,255 148
West  $25,703 Berkshire: 129/142 (91%)
County Cup
$400 114
Middlesex: 146/146 (97%)