Published on March 16, 2023

Ushering in Spring with Our President

Great Egret © Kimberly Robbins
Great Egret © Kimberly Robbins

The return of spring signals longer days, warmer weather, and of course the return of millions of migrating birds including my favorite, the Osprey.  

Welcome some of these birds to your home or yard with bird feeders and nest boxes. If you’re interested in the latter, be sure to check out “Bird Box 101” to find out all the necessary steps to attract cavity nesters like the Eastern Bluebird.  

Spring migration also means folks from around the state are prepping for Bird-a-thon, our annual birding competition and fundraiser that takes place on May 12-13. This year marks the event’s 40th anniversary and to commemorate, we’ve shared some impressive stats in “By the Numbers: 40 Years of Bird-a-thon”.  

Ambitious competitors may even head out to sea to check a pelagic bird or two off their list. While doing so, there’s a good chance they’ll be treated to a whale sighting as well. In “A Deep Dive into Whales and Seabirds,” we examine the harmonic relationship that exists between whales and seabirds.  

This is also the season for spring cleaning, including at our statewide network of wildlife sanctuaries that are getting ready to welcome visitors pining for time in the warmer outdoors. To get our sanctuaries ready, our property staff and dedicated volunteers are hard at work, clearing trails, preparing gardens, and sprucing up our sanctuaries. Looking to lend a hand? Call your local sanctuary or take part in one of our Earth Day volunteer opportunities.  

And even though spring has just begun, we’re already planning for a fun and inspiring season of summer camp. See the impact our educational programs, including camp, have by reading Phoebe Klein-Taylor’s “In Your Words,” where she recounts her nature journey from Drumlin Farm preschooler to camp Counselor-in-Training. With young people such as Phoebe sharing their love of nature and the environment with others, my hope for the future has never been higher.  


David O’Neill