Published on June 22, 2021

It's Time to "Go Wild"

Blueberries ripening on a bush in summer

As we enter the warm summer months, we can look forward to plants blooming like Black-eyed Susan and honeysuckle, blueberries ripening in meadows and on rocky hills, young Osprey growing in anticipation of their impending migration south, the sounds of chirping tree frogs filling the air, and gardens brimming with fresh vegetables.

And this summer we look forward to traversing new trails, canoeing in rivers, and just spending time outside. At Mass Audubon, all of our wildlife sanctuaries are open and alive with people and wildlife. This is the result of an unprecedented investment supported by our donors, volunteers, and staff.

Camps are in full swing and bursting with kids making connections with nature—experiences that will last a lifetime. Adults and families are engaging in bird and wildflower walks, discovering new ways to appreciate the outdoors. And many are still enjoying our terrific online nature-based programs, which reach people across the Commonwealth and well beyond.

But by far the biggest news is the launch of the Action Agenda. You can read more about this hopeful, energetic, ambitious yet achievable plan. I want to thank the Board of Directors, Honorary Board Members, Council, partner agencies and organizations, and our staff, who all contributed mightily to our urgent agenda to protect the nature of Massachusetts. I invite you to contribute your thoughts about the Action Agenda or simply share with me places I should visit at [email protected].

Enjoy this special summer, get outside, visit a sanctuary, and feel the deep warmth generated not just from the sun but from being together with friends and loved ones once again.

Many thanks, 

David J. O'Neill