Go Wild: Mass Audubon's Action Agenda for 2021-2026

Great Blue Heron Copyright Amy Erb
Great Blue Heron © Amy Erb

Mass Audubon is entering an era of bold and urgent action. 

These are not ordinary times. Massachusetts faces significant challenges—including the rapid loss of wildlife habitat, inequitable access to nature, and the threat of climate change—that deeply affect the health and well-being of our environment and our communities. And yet, as we emerge from a global pandemic during which more people than ever found sanctuary in nature, signs of hope and optimism abound.

We are determined to meet these challenges and capitalize on people's emergent connection to nature with transformational actions that will ensure future generations have the chance to "go wild."

Our new Action Agenda sets an ambitious five-year plan that signals a dynamic new era for the organization. This groundbreaking effort represents months of spirited collaboration among Mass Audubon staff, Board of Directors, Council, and partners; we thank everyone who contributed their thoughts, perspectives, and ingenuity to this landmark strategy. We’re equally grateful to our nature heroes—the members, donors, volunteers, and partners who help bring our mission to life each day; your wisdom and dedication motivated us to aim high and dream big.

Our high-level goals for the Action Agenda capitalize on what we do best—promoting profound engagement between people and wildlife—while taking our work into a new dimension of visibility, impact, and consequence. Both audacious and timely, it reflects the gravity of the challenges confronting the environment and society; with the collective engagement of our entire organization and our valued partners, it is also eminently achievable.

We hope the Action Agenda will inspire you to go wild in ways that engage and delight you and yours. Thanks for joining us on this exciting journey toward an even brighter future for Mass Audubon and the nature of Massachusetts.

Beth Kressley Goldstein signature
Beth Kressley Goldstein
Chair, Board of Directors
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David J. O'Neill


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