Drawing and Painting Birds

Sponsored by Museum of American Bird Art
May 18, 2019 (Saturday) 10:00am - 4:00pm


Museum of American Bird Art, Canton MA






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This workshop will be taught by internationally recognized artist Barry Van Dusen.

This workshop will focus on BIRDS, and the methods artists use to depict them with drawing tools and paint.

We'll start with some basic drawing exercises, followed by a discussion of avian structure and anatomy - exploring ways of seeing, understanding and conveying the bird's form. Through “follow-along” drawing demos, Barry will show you how to create a bird drawing using simple shapes, and he'll offer specific tips for drawing bird's heads, bills, wings, tails, legs, feet and more. Barry will also describe his field methods, showing how he explores birdlife through the use of a field sketchbook, and how he uses optics to work from live birds in the field.

Next we'll move into the realm of tone and color, reviewing watercolor basics and seeing how a sequence of watercolor washes can be used to create lifelike bird portraits. Barry will finish with a look at some of his own bird paintings, discussing how he uses various artistic approaches to projects ranging from watercolors done in the field, exhibition watercolors produced in the studio, and book illustrations for publication.

This workshop is aimed at intermediate students with some painting experience (but don't be intimidated - all skill levels are welcome). A detailed list of materials will be sent to each registered participant.

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