The Nature of Massachusetts: Forests - Online

Sponsored by Mass Audubon Education
August 12, 2020 (Wednesday) 7:00pm - 8:30pm




Avril de la Cretaz - Ph.D Forest Ecology, retired Assistant Research Professor, UMass/Amherst






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From high elevation spruce fir stands of the northwest to the pinelands of Cape Cod, our majestic forests provide homes to wildlife, and recreation and solitude for all people. These forests are constantly in a state of change. Continental collisions, advancing and retreating glaciers, and historic climate patterns have created a varied landscape in Massachusetts with a remarkable diversity of forest types and tree species. In this online class, we will review the natural history of the forests of Massachusetts, the land use history of the region since European colonization, and the future of these forests in the current era of rapid climate change.

From coastal beaches to inland forest, explore the unique habitats of Massachusetts and the plants and animals within. Learn about the ecological relationships critical to each habitat and the conservation threats that each endures. Find out about existing citizen science projects you can participate in and incorporate simple changes at home that can support a healthy habitat and climate.

Each program of the series will focus on a different habitat.

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