The Nature of Massachusetts: Grasslands - Online

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Jon Atwood - Mass Audubon Director of Bird Conservation; Tia Pinney - Education Coordinator/Senior Naturalist - Drumlin Farm






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Grasslands are areas dominated by grasses mixed with some wildflowers, sedges, and rushes. While they occur naturally in coastal areas and freshwater meadows in Massachusetts, most grasslands in the Commonwealth are human-managed landscapes such as agricultural areas, cultural grasslands, and airports. Learn about the historical and current state of Massachusetts grassland habitats, the important roles they play in our ecosystems, and their unique vulnerabilities. Learn about grassland birds in the region, related research, and some conservation projects being implemented to support those species.

From coastal beaches to inland forest, explore the unique habitats of Massachusetts and the plants and animals within. Learn about the ecological relationships critical to each habitat and the conservation threats that each endures. Find out about existing citizen science projects you can participate in and incorporate simple changes at home that can support a healthy habitat and climate.

Each program of the series will focus on a different habitat.

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