Neighborhood Naturalist: September's Two Seasons


Magazine Beach Park Nature Center, Cambridge


Kerry Nugent-Wells - Metro West Field teacher


- children 4 & up


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Come share the passions of Mass Audubon's Naturalists. These hour-long sessions occur during our hours of operation on weekends. Enjoy guided walks, arts and crafts, wildlife observation, and more!

The month of September is summer's grand finale-a time when we get to enjoy a magical combination of both summer and fall. At Magazine Beach we will take a walk that focuses on the beauty of this fleeting mini-season: what plants are still flowering and feeding honeybees? What strategies are the meadow plants along the river using to spread their seeds before the first frost? Where are the insects and spiders laying eggs to overwinter? What fruits, nuts and berries are animals gathering to store for winter? We'll listen for cicada and cricket songs and look for gatherings of migrating birds. If you've never had the pleasure of opening a milkweed pod to release its seeds to the wind-here's your chance!

Instructions and Directions:

Program meets in front of the Nature Center.

Parking is available but please avoid driving if possible.

Registration is required.

Meeting Place:

Magazine Beach Park Nature Center
668 Memorial Dr
Cambridge, MA 02139
Email [email protected] for more information.