Drumlin Farm Camp: Nature Builders - Cumulo-Nimbus 2000

Sponsored by Drumlin Farm
June 29, 2020 (Monday) - July 3, 2020 (Friday) (8:30am - 3:00pm)


Drumlin Farm Wildlife Sanctuary, Lincoln MA


(suitable for children 7 - 8 years)




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Put on your lab coat, secure your goggles, and get ready to bring out your inner scientist as we explore how nature has influenced human design. From spaceships to floods, volcanoes to solar power, each session will take a hands-on approach to create and construct as we test theories and run experiments that uncover how the natural world is built. At the end of each week, share an experiment or creation of your own with the rest of camp at the Nature Builders Fair.

This program focuses on STEM learning and campers will have limited or no time on the farmyard.

Instructions and Directions:

Learn to read the clouds, predict the weather, and the difference between weather and climate. Produce and film your own segment for the Drumlin News at 3/2C.

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208 South Great Road
Lincoln, MA 01773