Summer Wildflowers at Arcadia

Sponsored by Arcadia


Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary, Easthampton MA


Connie Parks - Botanist






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Summer brings a new suite of wildflowers to bloom in Arcadia's fields, marshes, and forests. We'll search various habitats for flowering herbs, shrubs, and vines and learn how to identify them to family, genus, and species. What makes lady's thumb a smartweed? What makes a catchfly a pink? What makes bluets and cleavers cousins in the madder family? Find out with us this summer.

Instructions and Directions:

Social distancing and wearing a mask or other face covering are required for this program. Group size is limited to 10 including the instructor. Bring a hand lens and field guide if you have them. Wear long pants, close-toed shoes, and insect repellent for better tick prevention.

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127 Combs Road
Easthampton, MA 01027