The Important Bird Area Program would not be possible without the input and assistance of numerous individuals making up the technical committee. The technical committee consisted of 28 of the most knowledgeable birders in the state, and represented virtually every region of the Commonwealth.

An advisory committee was also established early in the IBA planning process in order to communicate the goals of the program, enlist support for the IBA effort, and assist in the partnering with numerous organizations across Massachusetts. This committee comprised individuals from state and federal agencies, as well as non-governmental organizations.

Also see Nominations Process

Technical Committee Members



Organizational Affliation

Kathleen Anderson South Shore Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program, Adv. Committee; American Bird Conservancy
Jim Berry North Shore Bird Observer
Brad Blodget Central MassWildlife
David Clapp South Shore South Shore Sanctuaries, Massachusetts Audubon Society
Scott Hecker Cape and Islands National Audubon Society
Rick Heil North Shore Bird Observer; Massachusetts Avian Records Committee
Seth Kellogg Connecticut River Valley Allen Bird Club; Bird Observer
David King Central U.S. Forest Service
Elissa Landre Greater Boston Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary, Massachusetts Audubon Society
David Larson South Shore Bird Observer
Jack Lash South Shore Department of Environmental Management
René Laubach Berkshires Berkshire Sanctuaries, Massachusetts Audubon Society
Vernon Laux Cape and Islands Vineyard Gazette
Chris Leahy North Shore Massachusetts Audubon Society
Geoff LeBaron Connecticut River Valley National Audubon Society
John Liller Central Broad Meadow Brook Wildlife Sanctuary, Massachusetts Audubon Society
Trevor Lloyd-Evans South Shore Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences
Ron Lockwood Greater Boston Massachusetts Audubon Society, Volunteer
Mark Lynch Central Worcester Science Museum
Scott Melvin State-wide MassWildlife
Ed Neumuth Berkshires Hoffman Bird Club
Blair Nikula Cape and Islands Cape Cod Bird Club; Massachusetts Avian Records Committee
Jan Ortiz Connecticut River Valley Hampshire Bird Club
Simon Perkins Greater Boston Massachusetts Audubon Society
Wayne Petersen State-wide Massachusetts Audubon Society, IBA program director
Marj Rines Greater Boston Bird Observer
Paul Roberts Greater Boston Eastern Massachusetts Hawk Watch
David Small Central Quabbin Resevoir, Metropolitan District Commission
Jan Smith North Shore Massachusetts Bay National Estuary Program
Soheil Zendeh Greater Boston Take a Second Look (TASL)