Breeding Bird Atlas 2

black-capped chickadee © Jake LaSuer
black-capped chickadee © Jake LaSuer

More than 650 volunteer citizen scientists worked more than 43,000 hours from 2007-2011 to complete the new Massachusetts Breeding Bird Atlas 2. This work gives us a rare glimpse in the detailed changes in our breeding birdlife, and tells the story of each species history in the state. Join us and explore the Black-capped Chickadee, the Bald Eagle, the Ruby-throated Hummingbird, the Great-horned Owl and more than 200 other species.

The results of this work are valuable treasure for the future of bird conservation in Massachusetts. They give us a clear picture of the range of all species that breed in the Commonwealth, and when compared to Atlas 1 they give us clear proof of the changes in our breeding birdlife since 1979.

The Massachusetts Breeding Bird Atlas 2 is now available to download as an eBook through iTunes. Soon it will be available as a print on demand traditional book. You can also explore the data and read the State of the Birds 2013 online.

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