Statewide Bird Monitoring

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In order to make smart and effective conservation choices, we need a good understanding of how the birds of Massachusetts are doing, and where they might need concentrated attention. Mass Audubon maintains the most comprehensive public database of bird distribution, abundance and trend information for the Commonwealth, a resource that is used by conservation partners and concerned citizens alike. This wealth of information is kept current through our long-term monitoring and research programs.

State of the Birds 2017 cover - Black-capped chickadee © Bill Thompson, USFWS
Black-capped chickadee © Bill Thompson, USFWS

A comprehensive look at the projected effects of our changing climate on our nesting birds by 2050. Learn More

Black-capped chickadee © Jake LeSuer
Black-capped chickadee © Jake LeSuer

Mass Audubon has been carrying out extensive surveys of the birds that nest on our wildlife sanctuaries from 2004 to the present. Learn More

Support Bird Conservation

Some of our most familiar and beloved birds—such as the American kestrel, eastern meadowlark, and Baltimore oriole—are not as abundant as they once were across the state. We need your support to continue important research to help these bird populations. Learn More

Become a Citizen Scientist!

Citizen reports from backyards, feeders, highways, and conservation areas across the state are important to Mass Audubon's efforts to learn more about the populations, distributions, and breeding activities of the birds of Massachusetts. Find out how you can help