State of the Birds 2017: At-a-Glance

Black-capped chickadee © Bill Thompson, USFWS

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At-a-Glance: Case Studies

Puffin with fish © Keenan Yakola
© Keenan Yakola

From Plankton to Puffins

The struggles of puffins to cope with the effects of a changing climate are just beginning. They are a bellwether of sorts—a new canary in the coal mine. Their fate will likely mirror that of other ocean-dependent birds, and all eyes should be on the iconic ‘‘Sea Parrot’’. Read the Case Study >

Saltmarsh Sparrows Drowning in the Rising Seas

The case of the Saltmarsh Sparrow demonstrates the extreme vulnerability of some coastal species to sea level rise, as well as the unintended effects of development on our shorelines. Read about their struggle to adapt >

At-a-Glance: Results by Habitat

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The following tables list the species by the habitats they breed in, and by the species’ Climate Change Vulnerability score. They are listed in taxonomic order. Some species breed in several habitats and are therefore included on multiple lists.

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