Site Summary: Site Summary: Brush Island

Map of Brush Island IBA site

Nominated By:

David Larson


0.9 acres

Towns and Counties:

Cohasset; Plymouth



Major Habitats:

early successional shrubland, coastal beach, marine/tidal

Land Use:


Serious Threats:

disturbance to birds or habitat

Site Description:

Brush Island, located just offshore from Little Harbor in Cohasset, is a rock island that is the site of one of the state's largest Double-crested Cormorant rookeries. It typically supports nesting cormorants and gulls.

Current Conservation Status:

There is a potential for recreational boaters to disturb the colony, but there is little likelihood of development.

Ornithological Significance:

One of the top four coastal nest sites for Double-crested Comorant (747 pairs, 1994) during the Massachusetts Coastal Colonial Waterbird Inventory, exceeded only by Milk Island (Rockport), Middle Brewster Island (Boston), and Weepecket Island (Gosnold).

Other Flora or Fauna of Significance:

None described.

Data Sources:

B. Blodget. 1994/1995. Massachusetts Coastal Colonial Waterbird Inventory. Preliminary data, MassWildlife.

Data from a ground-based nest count by Katharine Parsons, Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences.

Download the Map:

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