Massachusetts Important Bird Areas (IBA)

Northern Harrier at Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary © D. Wauchope
Northern Harrier at Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary © D. Wauchope

What is an IBA?

An IBA (Important Bird Area) is a site providing essential habitat to one or more species of breeding, wintering, and/or migrating birds. The Massachusetts IBA Program is carried out cooperatively by staff from Mass Audubon, a volunteer Technical Committee, and various partner organizations

The primary goals of the IBA Program are:

  • To identify, nominate, and designate key sites that contribute to the preservation of significant bird populations or communities.
  • To provide information that will help land managers evaluate areas for habitat management and/or land acquisition.
  • To activate public and private participation in bird conservation efforts.
  • To provide public education and community outreach opportunities.

IBA Program Brochure

We have an informational brochure about the IBA program that is available for distribution at birding meetings and events. If interested, please contact [email protected] for more information.

The IBA Technical Committee consisted of 28 of the most knowledgeable birders in the state, and represented virtually every region of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Learn More >