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Yellow-bellied Flycatcher

Empidonax flaviventris

The Yellow-bellied Flycatcher has a tantalizing history of summer occurrences in Massachusetts, much like the Chuck-will’swidow. As early as 1883, ornithologist William Brewster recorded a pair of these unobtrusive flycatchers in late June on Mount Greylock, Berkshire County. Since then, including the Atlas period, there have been a number of summer occurrences of singing individuals or pairs on the mountain, as well as at one or two other highelevation bogs in Berkshire County. However, despite these summer occurrences— and the fact that the species has been found breeding in southern Vermont—there is to date no conclusive evidence of nesting in Massachusetts.

As migrants in Massachusetts, Yellowbellied Flycatchers are inconspicuous and uncommon in late spring and late summer through early fall.