Breeding Bird Atlas 1 Additional Accounts

Ring-billed Gull

Larus delawarensis

The first and only nesting confirmation for this species in Massachusetts was the discovery of 10 nests containing a total of sixteen eggs at Cunningham Ledge in the Wachusett Reservoir, Boylston, Worcester County, June 23, 1997 (Blodget). Due to concerns over possible water contamination in the reservoir resulting from the presence of the gulls, the eggs were oiled and several adults were removed in an effort to discourage further attempts at nesting. Considering the nearby presence of a massive breeding population of Ring-billed Gulls on Lake Champlain, Vermont, it seems likely that additional Bay State breeding records will occur.

Ring-billed Gulls are abundant migrants in Massachusetts and can currently be found in large numbers practically throughout the year, especially along the coast.