Bird Conservation, Monitoring, & Research

Bluebird nesting at monitored nestbox © Gina King
Bluebird at monitored nestbox © Gina King

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In order to make smart and effective conservation choices, we need a good understanding of how the birds of Massachusetts are doing and where they might need concentrated attention.

Mass Audubon maintains the most comprehensive public database of bird distribution, abundance, and trend information for the Commonwealth—a resource that's used by conservation partners and concerned citizens alike. This wealth of information is kept current through our long-term bird monitoring and research programs.

Studies & Research

State of the Birds 2017 cover - Black-capped chickadee © Bill Thompson, USFWS
Black-capped chickadee © Bill Thompson, USFWS

A comprehensive look at the projected effects of our changing climate on our nesting birds by 2050. Learn more >

Eastern Meadowlark by David Larson
Eastern Meadowlark (Photo: David Larson)

BBAs collect data about all the breeding bird species in a specific state, and they exemplify community science at its best. Explore the atlases >


Habitat Protection Projects


Eastern Meadowlark on grass stalk © Shawn Carey
Eastern Meadowlark © Shawn Carey

Mass Audubon has a long history of conservation with grassland birds, a group that is showing steep declines in the Commonwealth and across North America. Learn more >

Chestnut-sided warbler © Dorrie Holmes
Chestnut-sided warbler © Dorrie Holmes

The forests of New England are vital for the survival of many forest birds. Creating and maintaining hospitable habitat will be key to sustaining our forest birds, and doing so requires engagement and action. Learn more >


Species-Specific Conservation


Snowy Owl (Photo: Norman Smith)
Snowy Owl

Mass Audubon is working to protect Snowy Owls, the largest owl species in North America. Norman Smith, former director at Blue Hills Trailside Museum, has been studying them since 1981. As part of his research, he attaches bands and transmitters to Snowy Owls at Logan Airport to track their travels. More about the project >

Peregrine Falcon in Boston

Every spring, Mass Audubon's Norman Smith works with MassWildlife to band Peregrine Falcon chicks in the clock tower of the Marriott Vacation Club Pulse at the Custom House in downtown Boston. More about the project >

Juvenile osprey at Allens Pond Wildlife Sanctuary

Since 2004, Allens Pond Wildlife Sanctuary, with the essential support of volunteers and partner organizations, annually monitors the breeding activity of 80 pairs of osprey on nearly 100 nesting platforms in Westport and Dartmouth, MA. Learn More