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Rain garden at a MetroWest commuter rail station © Trisha Garrigan
Rain garden © Trisha Garrigan

The Shaping program works to help communities—especially those in the rapidly developing Sprawl Frontier—understand, adopt, and implement sustainable planning and development tools and techniques.

Recent Presentations

Open Space, Farms & Housing: Is There Room for All? Workshop, Acton, February 13, 2019

Maximizing Success with Land Conservation Projects in Stow, MA Workshop, Acton, February 13, 2019

Holding Land for Next Generation Farmers - Workshop, Acton, February 13, 2019

Archive of All Past Presentations (2009–present)

Missed a previous Shaping program workshop presentation or want a copy to save? Browse our topical archive, which contains all presentations given from 2009 onward.

Presentations on Low Impact Development (LID) techniques that work with nature to manage stormwater and decrease the impacts of development. These solutions help communities by providing the practical methods to minimize development costs, reduce flooding, and protect and restore natural resources. Read More >

These presentations focus on protecting our water resources for people and for wildlife. The presentations present strategies for caring for the land around rivers, lakes and streams, protecting our groundwater, and overcoming challenges to sustainable management of stormwater. Read More >

The presentations below focus on strategies for identifying which land areas are the most critical to protect; resources and strategies for funding land protection efforts; and methods for land protection that don’t require an outright purchase of land – such as conservation zoning, and other planning tools. Read More >

These programs focus on helping interested citizens understand how to make a difference in how land is developed and protected, and how to become involved and work to make a difference. Read More >