Land Use / Recent Development by Town

Base Layers
Aerial Map
Road Map
Area of new development, 2005 to 2013 (acres per square mile)
Overall percent developed, 2013
Percent low density residential, 2013
Commercial/Industrial/High Density Residential, 2013
Percent natural land (forest, wetland, and water), 2013
Percent open land (agriculture, bare, and low vegetation), 2013
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These maps illustrate land cover by various geographic units across the state. Land cover was derived from Landsat satellite imagery as interpreted by researchers at Boston University's Department of Earth and Environment.

The Low Density Residential class generally includes developed areas with less than 50% impervious surface and the Commercial/Industrial/High Density Residential generally includes areas with greater than 50% impervious surface.

The Natural Land category consists of forests, wetlands, and water bodies. The Open Land category is comprised of agriculture, unvegetated land, beaches, and areas of low vegetation such as pastures and coastal heathlands.