Legislation Generally Opposed by Mass Audubon

Mass Audubon embraces a vision of a Massachusetts in which people appreciate native plants and animals and their habitats and work together to ensure that they are truly protected.

At times, our vision will collide with proposed activities that are incompatible with biodiversity conservation. We will act decisively yet fairly to abate these threats. We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards of professional conduct and take great pains to discuss controversial issues with relevant stakeholders to find consensus and avert unnecessary conflicts. 

In general, Mass Audubon opposes bills or outside sections of budgets that…

  • Impact negatively the corporate interests of, or property owned and/or managed by Mass Audubon.
  • Mandate or expand off-road vehicle riding at state forests and parks and wildlife management areas under the care and custody of the Department of Conservation & Recreation and Division of Fisheries & Wildlife.
  • Seek to raid the assets of the Massachusetts Community Preservation Trust Fund.
  • Transfer municipal or state-owned conservation or parkland, held in trust under Article 97 of the Amendments of the state Constitution, for inconsistent purposes without demonstrating full analysis of alternatives, providing compensation of equal or greater value, or without permanently protecting conservation resources on the transferred property.
  • Weaken or grant exemptions to major state environmental laws, including the Massachusetts Endangered Species Act, Rivers Protection Act, Wetlands Protection Act, Water Management Act, Global Warming Solutions Act, Green Communities Act, Interbasin Transfer Act, and Title V-State Sanitary Code.
  • Seek to roll back local home-rule authority by providing for a state wide “uniform code” in place of municipal health regulations, and wetland protection by-laws and ordinances.
  • Repeal the law that restricts bow hunting to Monday-Saturday.