Ecosystem Service Fact Sheets

Nature provides us with many services, from wildlife habitat to recreation opportunities. But beyond its intrinsic value, nature also provides measurable benefits to humans in the form of nature-based solutions to some of our most pressing environmental problems.

  • Our forests filter our air, absorb carbon emissions that would otherwise contribute to climate change, and provide wildlife habitat and places for people to explore and relax.
  • Our wetlands prevent pollutants from entering our waterways, and help absorb floodwater before it can reach nearby communities.
  • Our urban green spaces help cool cities and offer local places to grow our own food.

Get the Fact Sheets

This set of fact sheets takes a deeper look at the financial and health benefits our ecosystems provide us. Based on a literature review of over 100 technical papers, they provide easy access to facts and figures on the importance of protecting our natural spaces, and why nature-based solutions are often the best choice when addressing problems like flooding and poor air quality within our communities.

  1. Forests
  2. Coastal Areas
  3. Wetlands & Waterways
  4. Grasslands & Farmlands
  5. Urban Green Space

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