MAPPR Tool 2.0

MAPPR 2.0 has been enhanced to evaluate properties that include prime farmland as well as parcels critical to surface water supplies and wellhead protection zones. In addition, all open space and parcel data was updated to the September 2016 versions. Finally, we added the following new study areas for analysis: Multi-town Land Trusts and MassWildlife Districts.

Mapping and Prioritizing Parcels for Resilience (MAPPR) allows land conservationists to identify the parcels within an area of interest that are the highest priorities for protection based on habitat quality, climate change resilience, and other metrics such as parcel size and adjacency to existing protected parcels. The higher the number and darker the color, the more critical that parcel is for conservation based on selected inputs. Click on a parcel to learn why it received that score – each input is scored as 0 (did not exist) to 1, 2, or 3 (very important for this input). Note: colors are relative based on the scale of the search – town vs. watershed for example. However, the numbers are absolute for each input.

 Analyses are based on open space data and assessor parcel data available through MassGIS as of September 2016. As a result, ownership information and protection status may be inaccurate for some parcels. Check with your town assessor for the most up-to-date information. Please email any comments to [email protected].

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