Help Save Rattlesnake Hill in Sharon, MA—PROTECTED!

Aerial view of Rattlesnake Hill in Sharon © Linda Orel/Sharon Friends of Conservation
Rattlesnake Hill © Linda Orel/SFC

Thanks to our partners—the Town of Sharon and the MA Department of Conservation & Recreation (DCR)—who contributed $9,850,000 to the acquisition, Rattlesnake Hill is now permanently protected!

Located in Sharon, Rattlesnake Hill is a vast 330-acre property that encompasses beautiful pine and oak forest, streams, and vernal pools. It's a celebrated local landmark with a spectacular view at its highest point. And as one of the largest undeveloped natural properties in the Greater Boston area, it was also vulnerable to development.

Thank you to all the donors who helped us raise the final $150,000!

Map of Rattlesnake Hill & surrounding properties
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Why This Matters

Protecting Rattlesnake Hill has many benefits, for people as well as wildlife. Here's why:

  • Rattlesnake Hill abuts DCR's Borderlands State Park, and conserving it would create a 2,398-acre protected area and wildlife corridor less than 10 miles from Route 128. 
  • Large areas of conservation land allow for the movement of plants and wildlife as habitats change due to climate change—especially important in this area of urban sprawl.
  • The extensive healthy forests and wetlands store carbon, making them important natural tools to counter the effects of climate change.
  • The property contains rare wildlife habitat, including 7 certified vernal pools and a unique mosaic of wetlands and forest types with numerous rock ledges and large boulders. 
  • The land offers miles of trails for passive recreation and spectacular views from the rocky summit.