Land Conservation Strategy

Our strategy is grounded in the most current, science-based information available and includes resource-based land protection plans for our sanctuaries. The landscapes our land conservation strategy targets are habitat where native plants and animals have the best chance to persevere in the face of climate change. They range from large forested tracts to urban wilds and everything in between.

Our land conservation efforts focus on four primary themes statewide and at our wildlife sanctuaries:

  • Enhance connections and linkages between our sanctuary lands and other protected land for both wildlife habitat and trails
  • Protect critical water resources, especially river corridors, watersheds and wetland systems that serve as the arteries of our natural systems
  • Improve visitor access to our sanctuaries and enhance our educational programming—giving future generations the opportunity to experience and appreciate the natural world
  • Collaborate with partner organizations and government agencies to protect areas of ecological significance statewide.